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GSM as SIP account

GSM as SIP account - Slican Mobile VoIP

Working away from desk is slowly becoming not only a domain of trade offices employees. More and more often other workers must be available away from their offices. Now, due to LAN network you can provide a convenient tool for voice communications while reducing costs of communications. Use better and fuller the telephone infrastructure that already exists in your company!
Mobile and wireless IP connectivity using a GSM phone is mVoIP!






Your business will speed up

By providing mobile communication you increase the efficiency and speed of business processes - communication is simpler and faster, if your employees are always and everywhere reachable.

You pay less

You do not have to invest either in additional network or new equipment. LAN is in every company, and the mobile phone is an essential tool for all of us. If you need more phones - define VoIP subscribers. You can gain additional subscribers in Slican PBXes. If You have a small company simply install Slican ITS Series IP PBX into your network.

Three times “one”

  • One number - you and your team are available within company area and outside the buildings under one phone number. You do not have to carry a DECT phone or check if somebody did not leave information on voice mail when you just was not at yours desk. Every call is routed to SIP account on GSM phone.
  • One device - you do not need multiple phones. Every day in the office and beyond use just GSM phone. If you're the boss, you can assign to the employee's private phones company VoIP number. These connections do not affect in any way on their own private call costs.
  • One Network - voice communication is based on a computer network. You can effectively manage your technical staff and delegate them to other duties, and due of it just be more effective as organization.

You have a choice

You have a choice between costly DECT solution and telephony based on wireless IP communication. Both solutions provide mobility and accessibility, and you have to decide which of them is better for your company and will be more attractive economically for your type of business.



  • LAN network in WiFi technology
  • Slican PBX equipped with VoIP module, along with licenses for channels and subscribers. You may use also Slican ITS IP PBX.
  • GSM phone with access to WiFi and SIP subscribers service.
  • Assigned VoIP number may be an additional subscriber (number) in the telephone network. You can also configure already existing extension (subscriber) as VoIP number. Assigning new number (SIP account) you increases the number of total phones in company. If you assign the employee a SIP phone number identical to that previously assigned to the phone on his desk - from this moment all calls will be received / performed with a GSM phone via the Internet.

Can I use my GSM phone outside of work

Regardless of whether the SIP client is assigned to a private or companies cellular phone, it is still a GSM phone. Incoming calls to the GSM number will be handled normally and outgoing calls can be made via Internet or via the GSM network - the choice is on the individual settings in your phone.
Being outside the range of your corporate WiFi network, you can stay in touch using Slican MobilePhone service - thanks to it you will still be available under one phone number.

And what if, "I will come" into the another WiFi network range? 

You can decide for yourself when your phone will work like a common mobile and when in the company's SIP network. You can set up communication so that working from home, connecting via the home WiFi network you will connect corporate PBX – realize calls on its costs and receive internal calls from other company extensions.
You can also specify that mobile phone will work as a SIP number, only connecting to defined corporate network and being in its range.

Will my GSM phone must have some additional software?

Most modern mobile phones allows you to run "SIP client" and connect to WiFi without any additional application or modification. In some cases a firmware upgrade, or downloading of additional applications from the GSM phone manufacturer is required.

How much will I pay for calls?

Rates for outgoing calls (made by users of SIP phones) via the Internet will be consistent with the tariff of VoIP provider that supports your business. Connections between subscribers (PBX extensions) will be free of charge, because PBX will treat them as internal calls.

Can I do it myself?

To correctly configure a new SIP subscriber accounts, traffic handling etc. knowledge of Slican ConfigMAN application is required. We recommend to contact an authorized Slican distributor or service, to make changes in your PBX.
Instructions for SIP account configuration in mobile phone can be found on the www pages of the phone manufacturer or your VoIP provider. Nevertheless, the proper action of your phone requires to provide your password to WiFi network, IP address server and other data that in most companies / institutions are regarded as the "sensitive". Adaptation of GSM phones to work in IP network should be made by authorized persons.