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Slican UTS Splitter

Splitter Slican UTS is installation equipment designed to distribute telephone lines in buildings with the use of internal structural network (UTP) without the need for intervention in pathpanele and socket.


Slican MSB-1102

Multi Switch Box MSB-1102 is a product that provides Slican PBX cooperation with automation devices, alarms, notification systems, sensors, etc.
The device is perfectly suited to remote monitoring if mentioned  equipment, or premises.

Slican MAB-1101

Multi Audio Box MAB-1101 is device which ensures cooperation of PABX with external audio devices, loudspeaking system (paging) and call recording in cooperation with TelefonCTI application. It does not required external power supplier – it is supplied directly from phone line. MAB-1101 works with PABXes via its internal analogue ports.