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For many people it is everyday situation, when customer dial and say „I have missed call from this number. Problem is when „this number” is companies GSM gateway or VoIP number and there is no possible to route this call to proper person − sometimes there are tens extension numbers in the company.
PATHFINDER was created to increase comfort of customers who dial company number. System register call route and due to this registration is able to call back to extension number from which outgoing call was realized. If person from company dial to customer and call canot be answered, when customer call back this missed call Slican PBX automatically route this call to the extension number of person who lastly dialed this number – announcement, secretary, group number are omitted – call is routed directly to specified extension number!


Inteligent routing system – call route preservation – preserve information for specified time, it is useful also when after finished call, customer wants to call once more to the same person. Customers will be – for sure – impressed if they connect with the same person from team of several peoples!

PATHFINDER remember call route to specified person from Call Center, and customer – dialing infoline number once more – is connected with the same person.

Remember - call route in Slican PBXes is unique solution that is not delivered by others PABX manufacturers!