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Slican CTI Communicator

The newest Slican CTI Communicator software supports group work and communication. It is set of intuitive solutions operating on PCs and smartphones. It integrates sophisticated phone communication functions with „click to dial” maintenance. Slican CTI applications were developed to universality and accessibility from different terminals.


Slican TelefonCTI - phone and computer integration

Slican TelefonCTI – software integrating an internal phone with computer in local network. Useful tool to use more PBX functions and programm often used actions.


Slican BillingMAN - charging application with graphic presentation

BillingMAN is an application working in Windows dedicated to settle up the telephone calls made by Slican's PBXesMAC-6400, IPL-256, IPM-032, IPU-14, IPS-08, CCT-1668/IP, CXS-0424, NCT-1248 and CCA-2720. Creation of this type of software is dictated by changes in environment of telecommunication service. BillingMAN allows precisely rating for specified subscribers regardless of billing type.


Slican RecordMAN

RecordMAN application is designed to work with built-in recording system EbdRec* in MAC-6400, IPL-256, IPM-032,IPU-14, IPS-08, CCT-1668/IP and CXS-0424 servers. It consists of "Server", which allows you to download recordings from PBX, and save it on your computer in local network, and “Client” part - for maintenance of records.


Slican ConfigMAN.user

ConfigMAN.user is dedicated to users of Slican PBXes (excluding ITS series), who wish to independently and quickly change some basic settings of their internal telecommunication network. It can be used to record occasional announcements on INVENIO Infolines - for example, information about promotions, change in working hours - or to update quickly corporate phone book.



Slican ConfigMAN.admin

Users of corporate telephone network continuously improve their communication requirements, which should adapt to them and changing business reality. This creates new challenges for PBX application developers, as well as for network administrators. To fulfill those requirements, Slican developed application ConfigMAN.admin - an advanced and comprehensive IT product, and on the same time - friendly tool for telecommunication network administrator. In addition, we offer software named - Slican ConfigMAN.user, created for PBX users. It allows them programming of frequently changing settings.


Slican MultiMAN - support for serviceman and administrator

Slican MultiMAN - application to manage group of PBXes. Service, which manages often dozens of PBXes, due to MultiMAN organizes and arranges various information about PBXes. MultiMAN is an essential tool for any serviceman, who works with more than one PBX. It is friendly solution, which makes PBXes group more systematic and simplifies work with it.


INVENIO Infolines

Slican INVENIO infoline is friendly and elastic. For people calling company or office it means that every one quickly obtain connection with specified extension number or route to another extension number dedicated to solve customer problem. We may create up to 99 infolines and connect them, creating wide announcements sytems.


TAPI phone and mailbox integration

Do you remember calling from Post Office?
Well ... now it can be done to, but it is another „post” and calling”.
Slican joined the group of manufacturers offering PBXes supporting MS Outlook application. The connection is made using Slican TAPI protocol. With this integration from now on you can benefit from unified communications, connecting phone and email contacts.