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Compulocks Surface Secure Space Enclosure with Flex Arm Kiosk Black

  • Mounting kit (wall mount, anti-theft enclosure, flexible arm) for tablet
  • lockable
  • high-grade aluminium
  • black
  • screen size: 12"
  • for Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Product Description

The Surface Tablet Space Enclosure secure wall mount is the ideal Surface Tablet security solution for all display settings including education,health-care,corporate,retail and point of sale environments.

The Space Enclosure for Surface Tablet Kiosk has open corners for proper ventilation and access to the audio and charging ports for continuous charging. These features allow for a fully functional device even when locked in the Surface Tablet Enclosure. The keyed lock makes it easy to access when tablet maintenance is required.

The flex arm at full reach comes out to 12" off the secured surface and is great for mounting on the wall,under a cabinet,underside of a table and more.

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