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Dell Notebook or LCD monitor stand


Make the most of your valuable workspace with this Basic Monitor Stand from Dell. Easily adjust the height and position of your monitors to a comfortable,ergonomically appropriate position.

Product Type Notebook or LCD monitor stand
Compatibility Information
Designed For Dell Latitude E4200,E4300,E4310,E4310 N-Series,E5250,E5400,E5410,E5410 N-Series,E5420,E5420 N-Series,E5420m,E5430,E5450,E5500,E5510,E5510 N-Series,E5520,E5520 N-Series,E5520m,E5530,E6220,E6230,E6320,E6320 N-Series,E6330,E6400,E6400 ATG,E6410,E6410 ATG,E6420,E6420 ATG,E6420 N-Series,E6430,E6430 ATG,E6430S,E6500,E6510,E6520,E6520 N-Series,E6530,E7240,E7440,XT3 
Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M2400,M4400,M4500,M4600,M4700,M6500,M6600,M6700

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