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Product Description

The HSL 10 Handset Lifter allows picking up and hanging up a telephone handset automatically when used in combination with a wireless headset system while away from the desk phone. Mechanical hook switch supports nearly all standard desktop phones.

Ring tone detection allows identification of two different ring tones of your telephone (e.g. external and internal calls).

Lightweight and compact designed,the HSL 10 perfectly fits your telephone without using much space. Lifter can be extended and thus allows for customized use.

Product Type Handset lifter
Intended for Phone
Compatibility Information
Designed For Sennheiser BW 900
Sennheiser DW Office
Sennheiser Wireless System DW 800 + CC 510,DW 800 + CC 520,DW 800 + CC 530,DW 800 + CC 540,DW 800 + CC 550,DW 800 + SH 310,DW 800 + SH 320,DW 800 + SH 330,DW 800 + SH 340,DW 800 + SH 350

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