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C2G 3m 3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable

C2G 3m 3.5mm M/M Stereo Audio Cable


Product Description

3.5mm stereo audio cables from C2G are specifically designed for quality computer audio applications. The 3.5mm cable connects the PC sound card,portable CD player or any mini-stereo audio device with 3.5mm jacks to multimedia speakers. The cable features two 29-gauge stranded conductors and a drain wire,which are tinned to resist oxidation.

Cable Type Audio cable
Technology Shielded
American Wire Gauge (AWG) 29
Shielding Material Foil
Length 3 m
Plated Connector Nickel
Features Stranded conductor,moulded
Connector Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm - male
Connector (Second End) Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm - male
Compliant Standards RoHS
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