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2-Power AC Adapter 18-20v 90W

2-Power AC Adapter 18-20v 90W


Product Description

Whether you require a replacement battery,or an additional pack to keep you working,PSA has a power solution to match.

This battery is designed for Toshiba Satellite 1900 series:

Satellite 1905;

Satellite 1905-S277;

Satellite 1905-S301;

Satellite 1905-S302;

Satellite 1905-S303;

Satellite 1905-S304;

Satellite 1950;

Satellite 1955-S801;

Satellite 1955-S802;

Satellite 1955-S803;

Satellite 1955-S804;

Satellite 1955-S805;

Satellite 1955-S806;

Satellite 1955-S807;

HP Pavillion ZE1000,ZE1110,ZE1115,ZE1210,ZT1000;

Acer Aspire 1400;

Acer Aspire 1350;

Acer Aspire 1300 series;

Acer Aspire 1306;

Mitac 8640;Mitac 8575A;Mitac 8575;Mitac 8375;Mitac 8175;Mitac 8170;

Time Traveller.

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