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Cisco Serial cable RJ-45 (M) to DB-9 (F)

Cisco Serial cable RJ-45 (M) to DB-9 (F)

Network Cable Type Serial cable
Length 1.8 m
Connector RJ-45 - male
Connector (Second End) 9 pin D-Sub (DB-9) - female
Compatibility Information
Designed For Cisco 2801,2801 2-pair G.SHDSL bundle,2801 4-pair G.SHDSL bundle,2801 ADSL over Basic Telephone Bundle,2801 Annex M bundle,2801 DSL Bundle,2801 HVSEC Bundle,2801 Unified Communications Bundle,2801 Unified Communications Bundle with Advanced Security,2801 Voice Bundle,2801 Voice Security Bundle,2801 VSEC Bundle,2811,2811 2-pair G.SHDSL bundle,2811 4-pair G.SHDSL bundle,2811 Annex M bundle,2811 DSL bundle,2811 Enhanced Security Bundle,2811 HVSEC Bundle,2811 Secure 3G Bundle,2811 Unified Communications Bundle,2811 Unified Communications Bundle with Advanced Security,2811 V3PN Bundle,2811 Voice Bundle,2811 Voice Security Bundle,2811 VSEC Bundle,2811 WAN Application Acceleration Bundle,2821,2821 4-pair G.SHDSL bundle,2821 Branch Office in a Box Bundle,2821 HVSEC Bundle,2821 Secure WAN Optimization Bundle,2821 Security Bundle,2821 Unified Communications Bundle,2821 Unified Communications Bundle with Advanced Security,2821 V3PN Bundle,2821 Voice Bundle,2821 Voice Security Bundle,2821 VSEC Bundle,2821 WAN Application Acceleration Bundle,2821 WAN Optimization Bundle,2851,2851 HVSEC Bundle,2851 Secure WAN Optimization Bundle,2851 Security Bundle,2851 Unified Communications Bundle,2851 Unified Communications Bundle with Advanced Security,2851 V3PN Bundle,2851 Voice Bundle,2851 Voice Security Bundle,2851 VSEC Bundle,2851 WAN Application Acceleration Bundle,2851 WAN Optimization Bundle
Cisco Catalyst 2960-24LC-S,2960-24LT-L,2960-24PC-L,2960-24PC-S,2960-24-S,2960-24TC,2960-24TC-L,2960-24TC-S,2960-24TT,2960-48PST-L,2960-48PST-S,2960-48T,2960-48TC,2960-48TC-L,2960-48TC-S,2960-48TT,2960-48TT-L,2960-48TT-S,2960-8TC,2960-8TC-S,2960G-24TC,2960G-48TC,2960G-8TC,2960PD-8TT-L,2960S-24PD-L,2960S-24PS-L,2960S-24TD-L,2960S-24TS-L,2960S-24TS-S,2960S-48FPD-L,2960S-48FPS-L,2960S-48LPD-L,2960S-48LPS-L,2960S-48TD-L,2960S-48TS-L,2960S-48TS-S

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