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DICOTA Notebook sleeve 12.5"


DICOTA Smartskin Laptop Sleeve 12.5" Black. Made of flexible neoprene. Soft Nyflex lining. Zip pocket on front with room for accessories and includes padded handles. Lifetime Warranty. Sleeve suitable for laptop sizes: 12.1", 12.5" and Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

  • DICOTA has over 20 years experience in providing professionals with high quality, stylish and durable solutions to protect their personal devices. Aside from a comprehensive range of notebook cases DICOTA also offer privacy filters, locks and a selection of accessories. Bespoke service also available on request (which includes the addition of logos to off the shelf cases).

Product Description

The Premium privacy screen protector not only prevents unwanted insights into your computer,but also protects the screen against scratches. Other product features include the high mechanical resistance and easy removability. The 4-way-technology protects the screen from viewing on all four sides;left/right and top/bottom. At the same time,the touch functionality of the screen remains completely intact. A practical and effective method to ensure that only you can view your data. Ideal for use in hotels or on the bus,train or airplane.

Product Type Notebook sleeve
Product Material Neoprene
Notebook Compatibility 12.5"
Additional Compartments External pocket
Features Padded handles
Lining Material Nylex

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