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Elektrobim The drive for sliding gate max 1000 kg


Installation instructions

Close and start-up
Kit automatic sliding doors
Kse180 / kse380 max 1000 kg

Engine power 370 w
Working temperature - 30 c / + 60 c
Output torque forces >16 nm
Opening speed 12 m/min
Supply voltage ac230v/50hz

The drive for sliding gate kse180 - with integrated control module and 433. 92 mhz radio receiver,
The keys to unblock the drive in the event of a power failure.
The mounting plate and a set of fasteners,
2 four-channel remote controls used to open the gate by radio,
Infrared barrier in the form of photocells, to protect the door from collisions with other objects,
As part of the purchase, service, 24-month warranty and unlimited technical support.
As part of the gift, strobe signal lamp 24v convertible to a third pilot.

The drive for sliding gate kse180 is the younger brother kse380 drive. When using the automatic gates of a weight of 1,000 kg, showed excellent reliability and stability of operation. Kse180, is a premium product and the best price-quality ratio. The body is made of cast aluminum, thus ensuring high strength, while the cover is made of plastic, which reduces the impact of the external environment on the drive. The power of the machine is enough to resist the greatest mrozom and zaspom snow. The use of magnetic limit switches allowed us to ensure trouble-free operation drive, as opposed to equipment incorporating mechanical switches. We will help you choose the right drive variant of the nps to your needs, we invite you to contact our experts.

The main functions of the machine:
Automatic locking drive after stopping,
After leaving the property the drive automatically closes the door;
Overload protection to detect obstacles in the path of the gate,
Auto-reverse in the event that the machine encounters an obstacle,
Option soft-start / soft-stop during start and stop gates,
Easy programming additional transmitters / pilots
Expandability gate drive:
The set is equipped with additional photocells that allow you to create barriers ir
The user can use external control buttons manually,
Operation 30 pilots
When using an additional receiver increases the number of supported pilots to 60,
Kit allows you to connect a bright flashing light 24v ac.

Warning! Carefully and thoroughly read this manual. Avoid the hassles that may
Arise when you act contrary to the instructions.
Seller does not assume
No responsibility for any damage caused
As a result of failure to follow these instructions.
By joining the assembly without carefully read the user's manual you are doing it on
And the responsibility! Any damage to any component kit
Resulting from failure to follow the instructions cause the immediate loss of warranty.
1. Specifications and characterization of a series of automatic gates ksex80
Kse180 kse380
230v ac, 50hz
The rotational speed of the gear 48 r / min 48 r / min
The opening speed of 12m / min 12m / min
16nm torque of 18nm
Temperature -30 ° c - + 60 ° c
Description driver features:
• power supply: 230vac ± 15%
• maximum current consumption: 10a
• maximum range: 80m (open area)
Characteristics of the main features:
• "soft start" and "soft stop"
• protection against overruns end points move the gate. At the time
The achievement of the gate set end points, vending machine will not react to
Pressing a button on the remote control gate moving in the same direction. It will be possible
Only start gate movement in the opposite direction.
• the manual lock automatic response to remote controls. The function starts
Pressing the "lock" on the remote control. When the function is activated, the re
Unlocking the remote control is possible by pressing the "stop" on the remote control.
• the automatic locking automatic response to the pilot after 60 seconds without pressing
Any button on the remote control to protect against accidental opening of the door after
Button is pressed (eg. In the pocket).
• automatic motor protection. The engine automatically switches off after 90s if
This time will not work no limit switch. This protects the motor from overheating.
• the autoclose. Time to autozamknięcia gate is controlled potentiometer
The range of 1 - 120 sec.
• adjustable torque knob of the door. If you encounter resistance
(obstacle) while the gate, the gate automatically stop. Re movement of the gate
It will be possible only after the removal of obstacles.

(Additionally we can connect the motor to the system Gsm System + AudioVideo System for an extra charge)

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