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Renderitcoin Coin Sale from 01.12.2018

Renderitcoin Coin Sale from 01.12.2018


Coin Sale from 01.12.2018


Our passion has always been in computer graphics and hardware testing

  • We have collaborated with 3D graphics studios and designers for the past 2 years.
  • Our equipment has significantly expanded thoughtout this time and now we are making it accessible to other passionate people from all around the globe!
  • We desire to further develop and broaden our facilities in the future!
  • Our idea: Provide everyone interested with access to high-end computer hardware, for rendering, crypto-currency mining or machine learning, at minimal cost.

We created Render It Coin for hardware enthusiasts & professionals that desire a source of cheap energy or rental of high-end computer hardware

  • Our goal is investment into construction of our own WIND TURBINE - create a source of renewable energy.
  • Power your devices on the premises of our farm at low energy and maintaince costs.
  • We want to widen our current array of services, and supply new contract offers on Render It Farm platform.
  • At the same time we will strive to reduce costs and upgrade our equipment to a new generation of specialized FPGA cards.
  • Obtain access to rendering machines and new mining contracts by spending Render It Coins after the ICO is completed.