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Slican CTS-203.IP

Slican CTS-203.IP


Business class Slican's system phone connected with Ethernet cable to PBX's VoIP resources. Grey color.

Slican CTS 203.IP phone is assigned for VoIP voice connection in computer network. PBX user, equiped with CTS-203.IP system phone, can use it both in LAN company network, where Slican server is installed and from any place in world only if Internet connection with appropriate parameters is available in this location. Functions and possibilities of CTS-203.IP are the same as for standard Slican CTS-202 series phones.

There are available public and private phone books as well as list of extension numbers. It is possible to realise all PBX services accessible from CTS-203.IP phones. Similarly as other products from CTS-202 serie, CTS-203.IP can be equiped with up to 5 additional CTS-232 consoles expanding number of programmable keys from 12 (available in standard telephone) to 162. Phones are equiped with recording output and terminal for headphones connection as well as light-up display. Voice calls are realised using G.711 audio codec. Standard phone is equiped with power supplier.



  • audio codec G.711
  • PoE power supply or from network power supplier (it is required to buy it separetly)
  • loudspeaker system
  • readable, grafic display with two types of font
  • presentation of calling number
  • different types of ringers
  • auto redial
  •  ABS comfortable keys
  • menu in Polish/English language
  • 12 programmable keys with LED signalling
  • external numbers and outgoing lines status signaling
  • possibility of connection up to 5 CTS-232 consoles
  • access to two phone books (public and private) as well as to extension numbers list
  • navigation as for mobile phones with „forward”, „back”, „up” and „down” keys
  • context keys: (+,-) - loudness - increase or decrease
  • optical signalling of incoming and missed calls
  • lists of dialled, received and missed calls
  • intercom configuration (example: for secretary)
  • possibility of setup programming using PBX configuration software - CTS-203.IP settings stored in PBX
  • possibility of using wired headphones connected using 2x3.5 mm JACK connectors 
  • phone lock - individual key code
  • doorphone function (assigned ringing, doorphone, door opening)
  • available in two colours grey and black
  • works with: IPL-256, IPM-032, IPU-14, IPS-08 and MAC-6400, CCT-1668.IP, CXS-0424.


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