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Epson Projector Control and Connection Wall Box


Experience a new degree of connectivity and control in classroom projection with the PowerLite Pilot 2,a convenient wall-mounted AV control box for Epson short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors. The PowerLite Pilot 2 supports an array of devices,and makes it easier than ever to operate your audio/video sources,computer,iPod and more - including displaying the latest high-definition and popular MHL-enabled mobile devices. And,with greater flexibility,consolidated cable management and intuitive buttons,it's the perfect solution for simple,streamlined control of classroom multimedia devices - everything you'd expect from the world leader in multimedia projection.

Product Type Projector control box
Voltage Required AC 240 V
Compatibility Information
Designed For Epson EB-1420WI,EB-1430Wi,EB-1440Ui,EB-1450Ui,EB-1460Ui,EB-1970W,EB-1975W,EB-1980WU,EB-1985WU,EB-440W,EB-520,EB-525W,EB-530,EB-535W,EB-536WI,EB-570,EB-585W,EB-585Wi,EB-595Wi,EB-670,EB-675W,EB-675Wi,EB-685W,EB-685Wi,EB-695Wi,EB-696Ui,EB-945H,EB-955WH,EB-965H,EB-98H,EB-S27,EB-W29,EB-X27